Edit, Update, and Manage Your PDFs Hassle-Free

With Bamba PDF, manage your PDF files without the need for sign-ups. Update pages, delete pages, rearrange pages, and even scan documents. Your data is safe and secure on your device.

iPhone and iPad

Download on the App Store


Download on the App Store

Simple Interface

Bamba PDF provides a user-friendly interface for quick access to all its powerful features.

Save Time

Bamba PDF speeds up your workflow by providing tools to quickly update, delete, rearrange, or scan pages.

Secure & Private

Your data stays on your device. We don’t access or keep your documents after you finish editing.

Bamba PDF - Your Ultimate PDF Editor and Scanner

The Bamba PDF app gives you the power to manage your documents seamlessly, right from the convenience of your device. With features to update, delete, and rearrange pages, as well as scan documents, Bamba PDF is revolutionizing how individuals and businesses handle their files. All of this without any registration or sign-ups, keeping your data safely within your device, away from third-party servers.

Update Pages Instantly Edit and update your PDF pages on the fly with Bamba PDF. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all technical levels.

Delete Pages with Ease Delete unnecessary pages from your documents in a few simple clicks. Streamline your files with Bamba PDF.

Rearrange Pages to Fit Your Needs Easily organize your documents by rearranging the pages as needed. Bamba PDF gives you full control over your files.

Scan Documents in a Snap Turn your device into a powerful scanner with Bamba PDF. Digitize your documents quickly and efficiently without any extra equipment.

Main Features

Combine/Merge PDFs

Seamlessly combine or merge multiple PDF files into a single document. Your perfect tool for better organization and productivity.

Edit, Delete, Rearrange Pages

Get complete control over your PDFs. Edit, delete or rearrange pages as per your requirements, all with ease and precision.

Scan Multiple Files

Turn your device into a powerful scanner. Scan multiple files at once, making digitization quick and efficient.

Powerful AI Scanner

Leverage the power of AI to scan your documents with high accuracy and clarity, making your tasks more manageable.

Secure Files in Device Storage

With Bamba PDF, your data remains secure in your device storage. We don't use third-party servers, ensuring optimum data privacy.


Bamba PDF is an innovative, AI-powered PDF tool designed to facilitate seamless document handling. It allows you to merge, edit, delete, and rearrange pages of PDFs with absolute precision. With a powerful AI scanner, it scans multiple files simultaneously, enhancing your productivity. Bamba PDF safeguards your files in your device storage without the involvement of third-party servers, ensuring utmost data privacy. Its unique blend of user-friendly features makes it the go-to PDF solution for all your needs.
Bamba PDF integrates AI capabilities for effective file scanning and manipulation. For merging, the tool arranges your selected files in the order specified and combines them into a single PDF document. When editing or rearranging, the AI identifies individual pages and facilitates adjustments as per user commands. The AI scanner uses advanced algorithms to scan multiple files, recognizing the text and structure to create digitized versions. All these processes occur within the device storage, ensuring the data remains secure and private.